# Friday, 11 December 2009
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In an earlier post I added character counting functionality to the ASP.Net AJAX HTML Editor with jQuery.  Soon after posting the entry I noticed that cutting and pasting text into the editor via the context menu did not change the character count immediately.  I enhanced the jQuery code in my last post to do this.

var Editor1 = '#Editor1';
var Editor1CountLimit = 50
var Editor1InfoArea = '#Info';

$(document).ready(function() {
    TrackCharacterCount(Editor1, Editor1CountLimit, Editor1InfoArea);

function TrackCharacterCount(ctl, limit, info) {
    var editor = GetEditor();
    $(editor).load(function() {

    var body = $(this).contents().find('body');
    var txt = $(body).text();
    $(info).html(txt.length); //set initial value 

    $(body).bind('cut paste', function(e) {
            setTimeout(function() {
                var txt = $(body).text();
            }, 150)
        $(this).contents().keyup(function() {
            var txt = $(this).contents().find('body').text();

function UpdateTextCounter(txt,limit,counter) {
    if (txt.length > limit)
        $(counter).html(txt.length).css("color", "red");
        $(counter).html(txt.length).css("color", "");

I added the bind code on line 17 to handle the cut and paste functionality.  I went through a couple iterations of the cut & paste functionality to count the characters correctly.  I was running into an issue where the textbox value was not being updated immediately with what was pasted.  Then I stumbled upon a nice stackoverflow answer that used a timeout to wait for the textbox to be updated.  This little jewel allowed me to simplify the code to what it is now.

I refactored the code to decrease duplication of code by creating the UpdateTextCounter function. 

I also noticed a subtle difference between IE7 and IE8 that stopped the counter from working and have corrected that in this version with a browser check.

function GetEditor() {
    if ($.browser.msie == 'true' && $.browser.version == '7.0')
        return editor = $(Editor1).contents().find('iframe').eq(1);
        return editor = $(Editor1).contents().find('iframe').eq(2);

I verified the code runs on IE7, IE8, FF 3.5.5 & Chrome 3.0.


AjaxHtmlEditorV2.zip (1.28 MB)

Read the first post.

Read the next post where I fix a bug when using a customized toolbox with the editor and find a better way to locate the IFrame that our text editor is in.

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