# Sunday, 15 November 2009
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I live in Flagstaff, Arizona and since it’s a small town not many happenings occur for coder geeks.  I wanted to come out of my shell a bit and head down to the Valley (Phoenix).  It’s only a couple hour drive, not too bad.  I decided to attend Desert Code Camp this year for the first time and all the sessions I attended were great.  They even fed us which I was not expecting.  What a great camp!

The camp heavily favored web development but that’s the majority of my work.  I attended several sessions and want to give a small run down and thanks to the presenters and to the organizer.

First and foremost, to the organizer, Joseph Guadagno, thank you!  I can’t imagine the work it took to put it together and all the volunteers by your side.

To all the presenters, thanks.  Giving your time to teach others is always appreciated.

I wanted to give a special thanks to Michael Collins, Saul Mora, Rex Miller, Steve Andrews and Remi Taylor.  You guys did a great job on your presentations!  I mean it.

Michael – I wasn’t sure what I would find sitting in on Advanced Debugging with Visual Studio.  Well, I was more than surprised.  You gave me some good ideas and I just might write a visualizer now!

Saul – If there was an award for most animated and informational,  you’d get it!  I attended your sessions on CSS3 & JavaScript.

Rex – You deserve the award for doing as much as you could in 30 minutes!  Unfortunately, the schedule dealt you a short session.  However, you did a great job of going over the basics of ASP.Net MVC.  If you had an hour I imagine you would have been able to dive into more challenging stuff.

Steve – What can you expect when hardware just doesn’t want to go your way!  Joe to rescue!  Your session on tips & tricks in VS.Net was great.  I already have Sara Ford’s book that you mentioned and read it a while back but there’s just so many tips & tricks.  You gave me a few new ones!

Remi – What can I say?  You are a jQuery wizard and your presentation on it had me salivating.  As luck would have it, I was able to put some of it to good use fairly quickly back at the office.

I’m looking forward to next year's Desert Code Camp!

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