# Tuesday, 03 August 2010
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I replaced all my buttons in my web application with the jQuery buttons widget to get a quick and easy look and feel going that was better than the drab stock buttons. It worked great and was simple.

Unfortunately, the login button was not changing until after I logged in successfully (hint!!!!).  I ended up spending far too long trying to figure out why it wasn’t working, even setting up a brand new project to “repeat” my results. I ended the day no better on what was occurring. duh


As a new day began I realized I had never even tried my app in Fiddler to see if it could give me a clue.  Besides taking a few minutes to remember why my localhost wasn’t being inspected, (Did I remember to add a . after the localhost? Of course not.) fiddler showed me the error of my ways quickly.

I had forgotten to allow my scripts folder access.  Duh!





Unfortunately, I imagine this situation is familiar to many developers. Spending way too long on a problem that once the answer appears we know we should have solved it a lot sooner. Here’s your slice of humble pie. Enjoy!

Moral of the story?  Lean on your tools and stepping away from the problem (or sleeping on it in this case) will almost always get you to the end faster.




Happy Coding!

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