# Thursday, 30 September 2010
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New to Visual Studio 2010?  Did you just install it like me?  Are you still using Visual SourceSafe even though you don’t want to admit it?  It’s OK, I am too.

Are you getting an Unable to Access Database error when you want to fire up an existing project in VSS?


VS 2010 defaults to connecting to Team Foundation Server.  To change this go to the Tools menu and select Options.

Check off the select all settings and expand the Source Control tree item.  Change the current source control plug-in to Visual SourceSafe.  It should be happy sailing from here.


Now hurry up and replace VSS since it’s coming to end of life mid year 2011 (*slapping self*).

Slapping Self



There are after all many better alternatives out there.

Happy Coding!

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