# Thursday, 01 March 2012
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This week I have been setting up a new development IIS 7.5 server.  I have three websites all bound to a separate port and I needed each to be setup with SSL.  This functionality is built into IIS 7+ but you can only set the name for the cert.  If you need to change other settings then you’ll need to use SelfSSL. 

SelfSSL comes with the IIS6 Resource Kit.  However, it has a problem.  It works on IIS7 BUT only for the last certificate that you create with it.  It’s a known bug and I couldn’t find a newer version of SelfSSL.

SelfSSL7 to the rescue

SelfSSL7 is the fix.  I found this after using a slew of variants in my search terms.  That’s the reason I’m posting this.  It seemed way too hard to find for me.

Using SelfSSL7

If you type selfssl7 at the command line with no options it will create a default certificate for you site. The command to set the number of days and site and port number is listed below.

selfssl7 /N cn=<computername> /V <length of days for certificate> /I /S "<Default Website>" /P <portnumber>

selfssl7 /n cn=mylocalboxname /V 365 /I /S "Dev" /P 4040 would set the validity of the certificate for one year to the Dev website and on port 4040.

Now you can create as many certs as you need on IIS7+ machines.  It can also handle multiple DNS names.

Happy Coding! Smile

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