# Saturday, 06 March 2010
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Ah, relaxing in Cancun.  What a trip.  It was like a second honeymoon for my wife and I to slip away for a week to celebrate our 10 year anniversary.  That was a nice time. 

We’re a few years beyond that and I am happy to report our love for each other has grown even more!  We have been blessed with two wonderful children and a host of family support in our hometown of Flagstaff, Arizona.

We are a Christ centered family.  This comes first in our house. "As for me and my house we will serve the Lord" – Joshua 24:15. 

For the last 11+ years I have worked as a developer for Coconino County and the last 3 as team manager.  I do freelance work as well when the right project comes around and time permits.  I am a CIS/CSE graduate of NAU and have been happy to call Flagstaff home for the past 16 years.  It’s a great town to raise a family and if you love the outdoors and all the seasons like I do, it can’t be beat! It may be Arizona but Flagstaff’s elevation is higher than the mile high city (Denver) and we have a mountain range with it’s top peak over 12,000 feet and a ski resort. Living in Flagstaff is great for us. We have a very strong family base and extended church family.  Family is important to us.

I believe I am fortunate when it comes to a career.  That’s because I deeply enjoy software development.  It’s constant challenge is a great outlet for me and I have a strong desire to improve myself and pursue a real craftsmanship in developing software.

I don’t just live and breathe code 24x7.  From a young age my Father instilled in me a love for the outdoors.  Camping, hiking, skiing, rock climbing, etc.  I also like to play disc golf, paintball and I enjoy fishing and archery.  If it involves the outdoors I probably like it.

I decided to create this blog in late 2009 for three reasons.  First, I wanted to share my knowledge and experiences in the hopes it would help someone else as so many blogs have done for me.  Second, it’s an outlet.  I am not shy to talk about what I am passionate about.  Third, I want to be a better writer.  You can’t get better without practice.

As Click and Clack would say, "You’ve wasted another perfectly good hour listening to me".  Thanks and enjoy!

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